There it is. A song I listen to quite frequently. Playing ever so faithfully in rotation on one of my favorite radio stations. I’ve heard this song hundreds of times before, but for some odd reason, today is a little different. One line out of the song stands out to me. I’ve never really paid close attention to the main theme of this song, but today I am. It’s as if God chose to turn the spotlight on these few words. I’m ready to see where this is all going because I know there is a lesson in here somewhere.

My weapon is a melody…So that’s the short line from the song that made me take a second look. In the flesh, it doesn’t really make much sense. How can a song be a weapon? How is music able to fight against the enemy? I really had to think long and hard about this one because it sounds a little too good to be true, but then I’m reminded that there is more here than meets the eye. So with that in mind, I’m ready to hear what God has to say.

I understand back in Bible days, they would send the musicians and worshippers out to the front lines of battle. Being a musician and vocalist myself, I can totally relate to this, but the front lines? I’d be sent to the front lines of the battle? Just not what would seem to be the wisest decision, especially when I would have my life invested in the battle. No guarantees of how this would all turn out, but they knew something of great spiritual significance and value that we often forget. There is power in the praise.

When I make the decision to be a worshipper no matter what I’m going through, then that’s really the only weapon that I need. I don’t need heavy artillery because I’m allowing God the space to work. He’s fighting my battles for me. All He really wants me to do is to show up with a song in my heart and praise on my lips. It certainly does keep down the confusion of knowing how to fight. In fact, this brings me to a peaceful place of rest.

Being a worshipper in the midst of the ordeal doesn’t mean that things are going to magically get better on their own. I have to take the first step to offer my praise to God. Sometimes this is difficult to do when I can’t see Him showing up in my situation. I’m faced with a decision of whether or not to trust. It almost seems as if I’m marching ahead blindly, but I know that is far from the truth. I know before I even go into this battle that He is the victor. I can bank on that.

So what song will I choose for my melody? Maybe it will be my favorite worship song. Maybe it will be a song I create from a familiar passage of scripture. Maybe it will be a prayer that I sing back to God. Whatever I choose doesn’t really matter. It’s all a winning weapon that I carry. There is power in the praise, and I know that in my spirit I have nothing to fear. I can trust God to show up and do that which I can’t do, which is pretty much everything except for the small part that He requires of me. I show up, and God shows out. All glory goes to The Father.

Onward Christian soldiers! We are marching forward into victory. Sing your song of praise, whether you feel like it or not. We’ve got a battle to fight, but we know who wins the war. Victor. Champion. Almighty King. Yes, that’s The One who wins the war.

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