Come away with me awhile. Can you hear Him calling you? Pursuing you? Wooing you to stop and just enjoy this time. No hidden agenda behind His passion and heart for you. Just the joy of being with Him. He wants you to know His heart. In fact, He wants to share His heart with you. He longs for you to know life, this abundant life, found only in this coming away. It’s not found in the doing, but in the being.

We long for deeper relationship with God, yet so often we don’t think that we have time for it. Life is full of responsibilities and things to accomplish. People are counting on us. It’s hard to say no. If it’s going to get done, then we’re the ones that have to make it happen. It just never stops.

We must realize that our life is all about priority. If God truly is our life, then this drawing away time with Him won’t be something that we have to schedule. It will be something that our spirit craves. We will make it happen because He has consumed and taken up residence in every part of our being. Every fiber of our being screams out His presence and the need to be with Him.

This overwhelming desire boils down to one word, and that word is love. When God has our heart, then we have an open channel into His love. We have a direct line into this beautiful gift. His love is what is drawing and pursuing us. His love is pure and unlike anything else that this world has ever known. His love speaks truth, yet we hang onto His every word. His love draws us into a place where we are free to be who He created us to be without any fear of rejection or abandonment. His love is our greatest joy magnified billions of times.

On earth, we only get to experience just a small part of what awaits us in heaven. When we finally reach home, then we’ll know the full expression of that love. No sin or brokenness to block this gift. His love will surround us, and we’ll finally get to live life the way that He created and intended for us to live. Death won’t stop it for that will all be long passed. Only an eternity spent in the splendor and majesty of this intoxicating love.

So do you hear His still, small voice calling you to come away for awhile? He’s speaking, but maybe you’ve missed it among all the chatter and noise of the day. Listen closely because that’s Him that’s crying out for you to come away. Come away with Him so that He can share His heart with you. Come away with Him so that He can share the love with you that your heart so desires. Come away with Him to just sit awhile and be in His presence. Come away with Him for the wholeness your soul is crying out for. Come away with Him and just be. That’s it. Just be.

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