I just had to go for a walk that day. The weather was perfect, and I was looking forward to soaking up every minute of the sunshine. It was a beautiful day. Just like something out of a picture book. Somehow through all of the beauty, I knew that God had created it all for me to enjoy. He was giving me a precious gift just for me. Just something only He could do simply because He desired to bless His daughter. Just for the sheer desire of giving me something of pleasure to capture my heart. He had my attention.

This walk wasn’t just any walk. It was a time for me to be by myself. A time to enjoy my own company. No hidden agendas for what God could do for me, but a time to pour into myself as God poured into me. No one there to impress. Just the simple joy of living in the beauty of the moment. It was a time to just be me.

I didn’t hear God’s loud, booming voice, but I heard His voice everywhere along the pathway trail. Birds singing praise to God. The flowing water from the creek rippling along as it followed its familiar course. Even the quiet of my surroundings weren’t able to hold back their praise. Even through the stillness, it did nothing less than to project God’s glory all around me. Everywhere I looked, He was there singing His love over not just me, but over all of His creation. I was the recipient of a beautiful symphony all around me.

I experienced all of this not because I was anything special, but all because I took the time to pay attention and listen to everything going on around me. For a moment, I was frozen in time. I breathed in all that God was blessing me with, and I was nothing less than captivated by the beauty of His heart. He loved me enough to share His heart with me, and I knew that this was nothing to be taken lightly. I was witness to His greatness all around me, yet I was an eye witness to His loving care of every small detail of His creation. Oh how great and amazing I knew that my God was in those few simple moments. The joy of just being in His presence in a place that didn’t have a church sign over the door. It was just the cathedral of His creation. No other house of worship was quite as lovely.

I don’t ever want to forget that moment. All too soon, I had to return back to life as I knew it, yet in my mind I could linger there just a little while longer. I knew that I could revisit this memory over and over again whenever I needed to be reminded of just how awesome my God was. When life seemed just a little too hectic for the pace I was keeping. When I needed to be reminded of just how much I am loved. I will choose to draw upon the quiet strength that all transpired from my simple walk on that lovely spring afternoon. No coincidence of the moment. Just the beautiful plan of my loving Abba Father.

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