God, as I sit here, I am overwhelmed with Your presence and love in my life. I have no words that I can utter from my lips to even begin to share all that my heart is overflowing with at this moment in time.

I am completely undone in your presence. My heart sings with joy as I see You do so many miraculous things for me. Things just for me. Things that have my name written on them. Things created for me before the foundation of time.

The beauty of this place was chosen for me. Just for me. The quietness of being with You beside the still waters blocks out any noise or voices from the enemy trying to discourage me or keep me from You.

You’ve shown me this place so many times before, but I just was too busy to notice it. Now it is a place that I am drawn to over and over again. I must linger in this place just a little while longer. This isn’t a place for hurry, but a place to be caught up in the beauty of the moment. A moment just waiting to be shared between the two of us.

Here I know that I am loved as the daughter that You created me to be. I am loved just because. Not for anything I can do or bring, but just for being me.

Here I am honored, cherished, and valued beyond anything I have experienced in my time on this earth.

As I am immersed in your sea of forgiveness, mercy, and grace, then I pour out that same forgiveness, mercy, and grace on others. That is my desire – to be a reflection of the beauty that You have brought into my life. A reflection of your blessing to others. I want everyone to know just how awesome and wonderful You are.

As I leave these words on this page, may Your Words forever be laid in my spirit. May Your Words change, encourage, and inspire me to be the woman that You created me to be. May I forever embrace the simplicity and complexity of Your Word as I seek Your presence more and more each day.

I love You, Father!

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