Chocolate chip cookies. A rose. Fresh baked bread. Perfume. Gardenia. Hot cocoa. Fresh cut grass. Rain. Apple pie.

Just thinking about that lovely list of random items conjures up so many thoughts and memories. It isn’t just thinking about how much enjoyment each of them brings to us, but it is the delight and sheer pleasure of pondering on how sweet each of them smells. Our olfactory system is working on overload with the delightful joy of taking in the beauty of each unique scent. Each one is special in and of itself. What a wonderful gift that God has given to us with the sense of smell! He does nothing half way. Just one of the thousands of blessings we receive everyday.

Just like the scent beautiful list, our life is producing a beautiful fragrance everyday. When we are in relationship with God, this happens supernaturally. We are reminded of this in 2 Corinthians 2:15, which reads, “For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved.” Take a look at that! Straight from God’s Word, we are told that we are a sweet fragrance to God. Our lives poured out to God are like a lovely incense rising from earth to heaven bringing great delight to our Abba Father. He takes notice, and this gets His attention. Not just any attention. It’s His undivided attention. He can tell that there is something different about us because of the pleasing aroma of a life of surrender that fills His habitation. The life of surrender that is produced from a heart of worship pouring forth endless love and devotion to The One that our heart adores. Oh what joy and delight that we bring to our Abba Father! The purest of all joys and delight.

Just as our lives are producing a sweet fragrance to our Heavenly Father, those around us on a daily basis are experiencing the same thing, as well. As we give of ourselves to others, the fragrance of God’s love is poured forth. When we encourage others, we have the scent of God’s love. When we choose to love others in spite of the love that they don’t give, then the recipients of that love take notice of that beautiful fragrance. The perfume of a life given away to both God and others is the sweetest scent there ever was or ever will be. It’s priceless.

Beloved son or daughter, my prayer for you is that all of heaven will take note of the beautiful savor poured forth from your life of love and sacrifice. As that sweet fragrance rises to the holy place, may God’s fragrance of overwhelming love be the perfume that others experience just by your mere presence. Your presence is only as sweet as the aroma of God’s presence. Stay in His presence. Linger there awhile because the scent of heaven and God’s love is all over you.

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