When you got up and got ready this morning, were you pleased with the final outcome? Was every hair in place? Did your clothes fit just right? Did your time primping in front of the mirror turn out to be time well invested?

If I were to get really honest with you, then I bet the truth would begin to pour out of you. I would guess that you would share with me just what you didn’t like about the things that didn’t turn out the way that you had hoped after your morning get ready routine. You would share with me how things would be better if you could lose that extra 30 pounds. Then you would have that smoking hot body that the world says is acceptable. If only you had a different hairstyle, better make up, or clothes that looked like they didn’t come out of the 80s, then you would be a more well put together woman. You would be more desirable, more attractive, and more noticeable to those around you because you know those magazine cover people never lie to us.

In no way am I encouraging a “I’m just going to roll out of the bed and head out the door” mentality. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself, doing skin care, applying make up, fixing your hair, or enjoying a new outfit. In fact, this says to others that you are going to make the most of all of the beautiful creation that God made you to be. That’s just enjoying some of the fun things about being a woman. Side note & disclaimer: I am my mother’s daughter so I have learned all about these things. She is the queen of taking care of herself. I was blessed with a beautiful mother so I have learned from the best. I’m an official graduate of her beauty school. LOL!

There is a beauty and confidence that comes from the inside that no amount of make up can cover up or enhance. There is a place of inner quietness, strength, and poise that comes from living loved by your Abba Father. This is found in abiding in His presence on a daily basis. You know that your value, worth, and identity come from what He says about you and no one else.

You seek validation and acceptance from others because you want to fit in. You want to meet and marry Mr. Right because of your constant longing and craving for love and attention – a love and attention from a man that only God was intended to fulfill. You try so hard to be everything for everyone because just maybe then they will see your true worth. What a huge mistake when we look to others to be what only God can be for us. God is the only one that truly satisfies and meets our desire of being wanted, needed, or loved.

When we take the time to study and know our identity in Christ, then God begins a supernatural work that can’t be explained away. All the world sees and notices this transformation. When we begin to realize just how much God loves us, then we see that we aren’t second rate citizens in The Kingdom just because we are women. We are leaders, movers, and shakers with a purpose and vision to be used by Him just like a man. We are women that deserve to be valued, loved, and treated like the queens that He created us to be. We aren’t trash and something to be thrown away when something better comes along. We are His priceless and beautiful creation. We are women of God making a difference in this world.

It’s time to stop looking to people and things that are ever so fleeting and begin focusing on the eternal things that build true value, worth, and identity in a woman’s life. For far too long, we have chased the wrong things. Now it’s time to chase after the things that matter. It’s time to chase after the heart of God. You, woman of God, chase after and pursue the purpose, plans, and heart of God. You’ll be so glad that you did!

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