Cars, houses, money, jewelry, degrees, jobs, furniture, clothes, and the list goes on and on. We work so hard for each of these our whole lives. We sweat, we toil, and we even sacrifice time with family and friends to be able to have these things. They seem so important right now because right now is all that we can see. They all look so appealing and enticing. Our flesh craves more and more. We see Mr. We Want To Be Just Like Him down the street who has the latest and greatest, and we just have to have that too. We can’t have him outdo us. No way! We just won’t have that! Our stuff is what makes the world go around.

Unfortunately, this way of life will come to a screeching halt. One day all of those things that seemed so necessary at the time will one day all fade away beyond that final veil. That veil is death. One breath. One heartbeat. That’s how close we all are to it. Closer than we even realize.

So what are we taking with us since there will be no UHauls in eternity? There is something so much sweeter and of lasting impact and value that we will carry with us. It has nothing to do with anything we can buy or acquire. It can’t be hung on a wall or put up on the top shelf. It can’t even be taken out for a spin on a sunny day. It’s so much more beautiful than all of these things. In fact, it’s quite priceless.

Ready for it? Drum roll please! Da da da da. Loud crashing cymbal inserted here. It’s none other than….are you ready? Our relationships and what we have invested into them. Relationships are all that are going ahead of us. We can’t take our cars with us, but we can take others with us.

You see, when I take up permanent residency in heaven, I want to take as many people with me as I can. I can’t make the decision for them, but I sure can plant lots of seeds down here that God will use to speak truth into their lives. Every call, text, card, or word of encouragement is nothing more than a tool that God uses to point others to Him. Every act of kindness. Every time the Gospel is shared. Every time we show love to others. It’s nothing more than a reflection of God’s love being poured out through us. These are the things that will last both now and throughout all of eternity.

Make the decision that you are going to invest in people. You are investing with the end return in mind. That end return is eternity with Jesus. That’s what you want for each person that God strategically places in your path. It seemed like a coincidence, but it was no coincidence with God. It was a divine appointment. It was a set-up so that you could invest just a little bit of Heaven into their life. And to think that He uses us, His beautiful creation, to invest His love and light into others. That’s real beauty and lasting impact right there!

So the next time you’re tempted that you just have to have the next latest and greatest fad, then ask yourself this one question. Will this bring me closer to my purpose of loving others into The Kingdom or will it just cause added stress from having to take care of it, insure it, and maintain it? If it’s the latter, then run! Run away from it just as fast as you can, but if it’s the former, then draw close just as quick as you can. It’s your decision. Which will you choose?

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