My life has changed so much over the past two years. I’ve experienced some things that I thought I wouldn’t make it through, but I did. I’ve been in the darkest valley imaginable to me, but I crossed it. God has become more than someone I visit just a few times a week. He’s become my everything and my reason for living.

Two years ago, I couldn’t see where I would be because my eyes were clouded with discouragement, hopelessness, and depression, but today I stand as a whole, complete, and healed woman. I’m a much different person than I was just 24 months ago, but I now love who God has created me to be. I am comfortable being that woman once again. I know that my worth and value don’t come from anyone or anything. They come from my Abba Father. There is such a peace and completeness that comes from living in this place. It’s a place where I know just how much that I am loved.

Does this mean that everyday is a mountaintop experience for me? No it doesn’t! There are days that I battle and face things that are difficult to walk through, but now I face them in a totally different way. No matter what I go through, I know that I don’t go it alone. God is carrying me through it all. It feels wonderful to face the unknown knowing that God has it all under control. I don’t have to stress or worry about anything. I’ve learned that the joy of the Lord truly is my strength. It’s what has carried me through everyday over the past two years. You don’t understand joy until joy is all that you have to pull you through the darkest of days. Joy has become one of the most beautiful gifts that God has blessed me with. It is priceless!

No matter how much I look back, it will never change my past. There has been much pain, but now the wound is just a scar. It’s a scar to remind me just how far I’ve come and to let me know that I have risen above all of that which I never thought that I would make it through. It’s a reminder to let me know that when I thought God had forsaken me, He really hadn’t. He was walking with me and carrying me through when I thought my world was falling apart. The scar reminds me of just how much He loves me, and that’s all that matters. All other love pales in comparison to His.

What do the next two years hold in store for me? I don’t even have a clue, but I know that God has a beautiful path ahead of me. I know that it’s filled with His favor and blessings. I know that it is greater than I can ask, think, or imagine all because I am His beloved daughter. I choose to see His handwriting all over my future as it continues to write a story of His love, mercy, and grace about a woman that decided to surrender to His will, trust Him, and take Him at His Word. Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for my Father, and that’s the place that I choose to reside. Pour it out, Lord! Your daughter is ready!

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