Life is full of seasons. They are different for each of us. Some seasons we welcome, and others we are glad to see go. Some last for a short while. Then others seem to go on and on. No season lasts forever.

Life is constantly changing. If it didn’t change, then we would never grow. Most of us resist that change, but change is where God does His greatest work in us. It takes us out of our comfort zone and straight onto the Potter’s wheel where God is fashioning us into a beautiful creation. Our nature is to fight against the molding and shaping of The Great Creator. We fight against each pressing, each shaping, and each refining as He quietly forms an unshapely piece of clay into a masterpiece. All we see is the struggle. The Potter envisions something of great value in what the world just wants to throw away. The world sees something ready to be cast away, but God…BUT GOD…He sees great worth in that lifeless clay. He sees purpose. He sees you!

Every difficulty. Every trial. Every hardship. Every heartbreak. Every thing that you wished had never happened. It’s all shaping you when you make one certain decision…surrendering it all to God. When you give it all over to Him, then He takes all of the ugly and makes something so amazing. It is autographed with The Potter’s signature. He’s forming that lump of clay into a piece so unique that only the clay can speak of – your story, but not just any story. Your story of redemption and restoration. All because The Potter saw fit to speak life into what you thought was dead.

Your life may feel dead, but God sees it all dripping with the healing oil of The Holy Spirit. Your spirit feels dry and parched, but God is flowing over those gritty places with His rivers of living water. No more seasons of drought to take away what life you had, but constant showers of God’s amazing grace touching each lifeless piece of clay. His water satisfies and renews what you thought was too far gone. Nothing is ever too far gone for Abba.

Don’t walk away from those changing seasons of your life. Embrace them, even if you are afraid, with confidence knowing that The Potter has everything in place just as He needs it. He’s ready to start forming it into His masterpiece. He’s taking your scraps of clay, your surrendered heart, and making you even more beautiful than before. You are His masterpiece…His priceless beauty…just waiting to be fashioned into something The Potter is patiently waiting to see.

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