When I stop and think about how awesome and amazing God is, then I begin to get overwhelmed just thinking about this. Who else could create all of the heavens, earth, and galaxies, but yet create all of the minute detail of something so small and complex as a flower or a hummingbird? He not only has the power and ability to create things that are larger than I can even imagine, but yet He pays attention to the smallest detail of a detail. That’s the God I serve!

If that’s not enough to try to comprehend, then try this one on for size. God sees and knows everything about me. He created everything about me exactly as He desired. Everything about me that makes me, me! Of course, I’m not the only “me” there is. There have been billions of other “me’s” that He’s takes the time to fashion and form just like me. We’ve been handcrafted by The Master. Even more detail here than is beyond our human comprehension.

So if God can do all of these things, along with millions more, why do we struggle to think that He just doesn’t care about us? Why do we constantly question if He’s really there? Why do we question if He’s really going to answer us as we cry out to Him?

We forget one key element here, and it has nothing to do with God. We forget that we have an enemy that would love nothing more than to trip us up and cause us to stumble. He loves to fill our minds with doubt. In fact, if he can plant just one small seed of negativity, then we’ll run with countless other discouraging thoughts. He’s good at what he does. He’s perfected it, and we’ve bought into his lies.

So when you’re in a tough spot, I want you to remember just who your Abba Father is. He does love you. He does care for you. He is working even when He seems so silent. If He can create all of what we see just by speaking it into existence, then He is more than able to handle anything that you face. Satan loves to make you forget just how much power and authority God has. He especially loves to make you forget that God lives inside of you, and that means all of His power and authority are inside of you, too. That’s how great our God is.

God is greater than our great. He is bigger than our big. He’s more amazing than our amazing. He’s timeless, yet everlasting. He’s the beginning, yet the end. His presence fills the universe, yet His presence lives in us. He calls each star by name, yet calls us by our name, son or daughter of God. This is our Abba! The One and Only!

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