Life can be hard sometimes. We live each day with little margin in our schedule. We run from here to there. We’re constantly on the go. All of this striving leads to one thing, and that is a stressed lifestyle. We wear our busy life as a badge of honor. We seem to think if we have any time to ourselves, then we must be lazy. We’ve grown up in a culture that thrives on this worn-out and frazzled lifestyle, but God wants so much more for us than this way of living.

God has blessed me with a new way of life that I like to call front porch therapy. Now this new concept really isn’t new to me. I grew up living this way, but over the years, I seemed to have lost it. I got very busy with life that I forgot to stop and smell the roses. God has brought this beautiful truth back into my life at a time that I have so desperately needed it. He has allowed me to spend some extra time lying down in those beautiful, green pastures restoring my soul.

Front porch therapy is really fairly simple. You just go sit out on your front porch. You spend time in silence and solitude. You spend time talking with family and friends. You might even enjoy some lemonade or ice cream while you listen to the birds sing. You watch the squirrels jump from branch to branch. You watch the bunnies munching on some clover. You watch the birds soaring in the sky. You watch the cars pass by in front of your house creating your own personal parade procession. You allow God space to speak into your spirit.

There’s something very special and sacred that happens every time I take part in some of this front porch therapy. God somehow uses this time to relax me, speak into my spirit, give me wisdom and peace, as well as giving me time to process my thoughts. There’s something so enlightening about spending time outside. It somehow speaks life into my weary spirit. There is something supernatural that happens that’s difficult to put into words. That’s what makes this such a spiritual experience for me. It allows me to see God in every aspect of my life and not just the hour that I spend in church each week. It gives God the opportunity and invitation to be included in every part of my life and not just Sunday morning.

So let me encourage you to find a front porch so that you can experience some of this front porch therapy for yourself. So what do you do if you don’t have a front porch? You are in luck! Your front porch can be anywhere that allows you to get outside away from all of the demands and difficulties in your life and just recharge your spirit. It might be a local park. It might be in a friend’s back yard. It might even be your favorite walking trail. Just somewhere that allows God the opportunity to pour back into you.

Don’t spend another day running on empty. Take some much needed time just for you. God wants to bless you with this beautiful gift, but you must receive it. He’s not going to force it on you, but He certainly isn’t going to discourage you from it either. So find your front porch and be ready to be refreshed. Then you’ll be prepared to go back out there and face the world with all of its demands. All because of this one small concept, front porch therapy.

So what are you waiting for? Find your front porch and watch God work. You’ll be glad that you did!

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