God has done so many things in my life over the past year and a half. Sometimes I look back at all the time that has passed and stand amazed at just how far God has brought me. It’s so easy just to stay at that place and celebrate the many victories that God has allowed me to experience, but He has shown me that I can’t stay in that place too long. He wants me to be thankful for the person I am today, but He wants to continue moving me forward even more in my life. He has so much more that He wants me to experience and grow through. This has brought me to a new place in my life once again. God is doing some shifting and changing in my life even as we speak. That shifting and changing is none other than being a better steward of my temple.

Over the past couple of weeks, God began to show me that it’s time. It’s time for me to focus on living a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to do this sooner rather than later, but I haven’t been in the place emotionally to be able to commit to this discipline. Now that I’m the most emotionally healthy that I’ve ever been in my life, God began to show me that it’s time to focus on taking better care of my physical body. I have already been doing lots of research, as well as going back to revisit those things that I did once before that allowed me to make significant changes in my life. It has taken lots of brain power processing through these changes, but I am so excited where all of this is going to take me.

The most important thing about all of these upcoming changes really has nothing to do with me. It all has to do with God. He was the one that convicted me and put a check in my spirit that it was time to change. God has given me the knowledge to be able to put these changes into place. So I won’t be doing all of this by myself. He is going to be walking me through this every step of the way. He’s going to be cheering me on and encouraging me on the days that it just seems like nothing is happening. I know that I must include Him on this journey or it just isn’t going to happen. When I try to make these changes on my own, then I’m setting myself up for failure. When I include Him on every step of this journey, then I am setting myself up for victory every single time.

Let me encourage you to take some time to get away with just you and God. Seek Him about changes that He’s asking you to make. Include Him in on this process. He has specific ways that He wants to bring about change in your life, but you must be willing to be open to hearing Him speak truth into your life. When He begins to share His heart with you, then it will encourage you to move forward with where He wants to take you.

So here’s to the new Natalie that is in store! New possibilities and new goals are going to be tackled and accomplished. Not because of what I’m going to do, but because of God giving me the determination, stamina, and dream to conquer what seems impossible at this moment in time. My dreams and desires for a healthier Natalie are going to be a part of my past because I’m moving forward into the future with God walking every step with me. Won’t you join me on this journey?

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