People are watching you everyday. Even when you aren’t aware of it, they still are. You are telling a story to others with the way that you live. You are making an impression with every word that they hear you speak and with everything that they see you do. People are paying attention to you regardless if you even recognize it or not.

I was being watched, and I didn’t even recognize it. There were a few mornings here recently that I decided to visit a local restaurant and find a quiet corner booth where I could spend some time reading before I left for work that day. Nothing like the combination of a good chicken biscuit, a mocha frappe, and several good books to start your day. I went in, ate my food, read my books, and left. I had no idea that someone in the restaurant was watching everything I was doing, but they were.

On one of the mornings, I was approached in the restaurant by an individual. They proceeded to tell me that they had been watching me and noticed that I came in every morning with a stack of books and spent time reading. We then struck up a short conversation about all of my books. The conversation ended, and I left for work. My wheels really began to turn, and God began sharing truth with me about this whole incident.

God shared with me that in my life, I am being watched by other people even when I don’t even realize it. I am unaware of so many things that I do and say, but they aren’t. Everything I do is making an impression on people and drawing them closer to Him or further away. Everything!

So there isn’t a moment that I can let my guard down and not care about what I’m saying or doing. People are watching and listening to everything whether I’m aware of it or not. We are never a silent witness for Christ because our lives and the way that we live are screaming out just who we really are serving, loving, and devoted to, and I want that to always be Jesus. I’m preaching a sermon everyday of my life!

Pay attention. Be on guard and know that what you do and say really does matter. People are watching you as you go about your day. May you be a living and breathing testimony of God’s love to everyone around you. So full and overflowing with His love that they just can’t keep from finding out just what makes you different. You are always on mission, and may that mission be for Jesus.

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