I didn’t know how it would turn out. A hundred different scenarios running through my mind. If it happens this way, then I already have an idea of my response. If it doesn’t work out that way, then I have a different idea. What if it goes in a different direction than I even planned? Then what will I do? Back to the drawing board. Back to the land of something I didn’t think about. What if I miss a detail I wasn’t planning on? Oh my! My mind is swirling in every direction imaginable.

Have you ever done something like I just described? You keep mulling it over and over in your mind until there’s nothing left. Don’t feel bad. We’ve all done this – probably more than a time or two. We can relate to one another on this one. We’re all in the same boat if we’re really honest. Honesty is where I want to park.

It really is so true. Most of the things we spend the majority of our time focused on (or concerned or worried about) never even pan out. We spend an enormous amount of mental energy brooding over the unknown. It’s good to be a thinker to plan and prepare, but there comes a point where we must stop. We do our absolute very best and leave the results up to God. The part we play in this is taking responsibility for making good choices and decisions. This gives God something to work with where we are concerned.

Looking back on how it all turned out for me, I would have to say it worked out way better than imagined or expected. In fact, the results were quite favorable for me. All the time I spent going over and over about it in my mind ended up being time wasted. After it was over, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing God took care of me once again. Even through my continual chasing the hamster wheel of endless thinking, He still loved me enough to be mindful of that which concerned me. Of course, this is in no way a license to say my initial response of overthinking was the best choice. It’s just the ability to be open, honest, and transparent of who I really am so you realize I struggle with things just like you. See, you aren’t alone in this battle.

As long as we gain wisdom from our experiences, whether good or bad, then nothing has been wasted. We learn valuable lessons to carry us through life. We know what to do better next time. In this case, no more long, drawn out “what are we going to do” sessions. Just a simple sharing of our heart and then allowing God to download His supernatural wisdom in us. One set of facts presented. Then God kicks in with things we never even thought of. That’s how He works when we give Him the space to do this.

The mind is the battlefield, but we don’t have to fight this alone. God has promised us victory over our thinking. Allow Him to come into what seems to be a problem or hopeless situation and turn it into a possibility. Your problem exchanged for God’s possibility. Sounds like a pretty good trade to me.

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