Where would I be had it not been for God? I don’t know how to even begin to answer that question. In fact, I really don’t even want to think about it. It’s a rather sobering thought. I dare say that it wouldn’t be anywhere good or pretty.

He’s been with me in the good times, as well as the bad. He’s seen me at my best, as well as my worst. He’s loved me on my happiest days, but He’s also loved me on the days when I didn’t even love myself. He’s been that true and constant friend that never leaves or forsakes me. Someone I can trust. I never have to be concerned if He has time for me. He’s always waiting to share His heart with me, but He’s always ready for me to share my heart with Him. I can count on Him when everyone else walks out. He’s the one to walk back in. I can depend on Him. There’s never a moment that He isn’t thinking of me. I am loved more than I can even comprehend.

Living a life out of the overflow of God’s love is the sweetest place to reside. I make a daily choice to receive this beautiful gift of love. Then out of it, I am able to share it with others. I first must purpose in my heart to be a receiver. Not because of anything I’ve done, but all because of what He’s done for me. There’s nothing I can do to make Him love me anymore, but neither is there anything I can do to make Him love me any less. I am full and complete in His agape love. I am whole and healed. I am a new creature. I am His chosen, cherished, honored, and adored daughter. I am immersed in His abundant life.

I find peace and contentment in this place. I have nothing to prove. I am real. I am honest. I can be myself. I am vulnerable without any fear of rejection. I experience freedom through His love. I stay in His presence, and He continues to lavish His love upon me. This is my place of safety. No fear can stay here. It has to flee. Here I am changing to look more and more like Jesus everyday. A constant work in progress.

It’s quiet and peaceful here. A place of solitude amidst the chaos and confusion of life. No constant striving for the latest and greatest. Just joy – not in what He can do for me, but for loving Him. Spending time with Him. When it’s convenient and when it isn’t. When I just want to be. Not a continual doing. Just being. Enjoying His company and presence. Leaving different than when I entered. Being forever changed and transformed.

I’m not leaving this place, and I don’t have to. He doesn’t want me to. I will linger here just a little while longer enjoying the beauty of the moment. I’m not rushing it. I’m taking it all in. I’m saturating my soul in His love. Living intentionally free from the worries and concerns of the world around me. He is my sole focus here.

God’s love – it’s what has carried me through in the past and what will continue to carry me into the future. Living. Breathing. Consuming love. This is the life I desire to live. Full, free, and overflowing from Thee. Just waiting to be shared with the next one He puts in my path. All because I took the risk and let Him love me. A thousand lifetimes is only the beginning of this awesome wonder. God’s love has now become my love.

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