The title says it all. It explains exactly what I want to say in just a few words. It describes my life quite well at this point in time. Kind of has a nice ring to it. It sounds exciting and adventurous. Even has an element of mystery to it as I don’t give every detail. I give just enough to get your wheels rolling. I know and understand. You’re reading this because you’re curious about what exactly these open doors and new opportunities are that I’m referring to. I don’t mean to disappoint you, but it really isn’t important for you to know all of the juicy details. I have something more important to focus on, and that’s where I want to park.

Don’t get me wrong. There have been some things going on in my life that I can’t help but praise God for. Things that only He could do. Things that have His name written all over them. Things that let me know He is listening to me and honoring the desires of my heart. Things that let me know I am loved abundantly and overwhelmingly. Of these things, I am extremely grateful, but there is so much more than what you can physically see. It actually goes much deeper than that.

Over the past several years, God has had me in training. Not just any kind of training, but an intense overhaul of all that I ever knew. When your world gets turned upside down, this is the perfect place for Him to give you this opportunity. Yes, this training has been a wonderful opportunity for me. It’s been tough and strenuous at times both mentally and emotionally, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for all that He has taught me during this time. Looking back I see a blessing in disguise. A treasure just waiting to be discovered. All for me. All because He loves me that much.

During this time, I have learned an important lesson. A lesson I continue to revisit from time to time for a check-up. A lesson that is all about my words. All about my thoughts. All about the things I say about myself. All about the things I think about myself. All about the things I think and speak over my future. It’s simple in theory, but not so much when put into practice.

You see, I’m the one who is responsible for me. I can’t put that blame on anyone else. I’m the one that must make it a habit to declare God’s promises and blessings over myself. It’s so easy to slip into toxic patterns. That is normally our first response, but I’ve been taught differently. I’ve had to learn to rest in the fact that I am who God says I am. After immersing myself in these truths over and over again everyday, then the seed of God’s truth begins to grow. I know that my identity is rock solid in Him and not any of the traps of this world.

So you’re probably wondering how all of this fits together. Where do the open doors and new opportunities come into play? What exciting things do I have up my sleeve? These are just the questions I’ve been asking myself. Honestly, I don’t have any answers. It’s not about me having all of the answers, but trusting The One who has all of the answers. When I speak of open doors and opportunities, I am doing just that. I am speaking over the new doors and opportunities God has in store for me. I can’t see what all of these are, but I choose to speak life over all that He wants to do in my life. I choose to see a future filled with possibilities that come straight from God. I choose to walk in the abundant life both now and in the future. It’s all about me seeing my future with eyes of faith and not fear. It’s about seeing my future through the lenses of the exceedingly, abundantly that He desires for me. That’s what I’m talking about!

I could have chosen to stay stuck in a pit of depression. To be a victim. To never dream again. To think my life was over when it fell apart, but I didn’t! I knew in my spirit there was way too much life in front of me to give up. So I chose life – not just for then, but for all of the open doors and opportunities God has waiting right up ahead for me. Things I don’t even have a clue about, but I know are going to be beautiful, wonderful, and blessed. How do I know this? How am I so certain? Because I’m trusting my unknown future to The God that knows it all. I’m ready to step on through. How about you?

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