Life is a precious gift that each of us are blessed with. So often we take that gift for granted. We live as though we will always be here. We forget that as the seconds tick by, so goes the seconds ticking by in our life. Time doesn’t stop. It keeps moving on regardless if we want it to or not. The days turn into months, which turn into years, which turn into decades, which turn into our life. It seems to flash by us at the speed of light. One moment we’re a child and the next moment we blink and we’re an adult. We ask ourselves where time goes just wanting to get a handle on this age-old question, but no one seems to have an answer. We’re all seeking the same thing just wanting it to slow down for a bit, wanting to savor each moment, but time waits for no one.

My whole intent isn’t to be discouraging or depressing, but my intent is to get you to think. It’s time (no pun intended) to make the most of our days. Don’t waste another minute. Live each day to the fullest for we never know when that will be our last. Stop living a life of regrets and get out there and enjoy life. Plan to live an intentional life. One that has purpose, significance, and meaning. One where we hold nothing back and offer all that we are for a cause that is greater than we are. Giving it all that we’ve got. Taking that risk for God and trusting Him for the outcome. Numbering our days so that we make it all count.

May we never forget that God is the one that blesses us with this gift. Life can be difficult at times, but even in the midst of the difficulty, we can see the beauty of life in the trial. Trying times will come, but they don’t last forever. In the midst of what we don’t like, may we be a people that sees our life with eyes of faith and not fear. Eyes that see His goodness all around us. Eyes that value and prize the life that He has blessed us with.

May we never waste another minute. May we never just wait around killing time. Life isn’t meant to be thrown away, but savored for the gift that it is. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyed, but we must be mindful. Just show up, participate, and breathe it all in even if it’s not how you desire it to be. Each day has something that we can be thankful for.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock is ticking away. We are exchanging each second of our life for something. May it be for something of significant value and worth. Loving God and others. Reaching that goal. Never giving up no matter what.

We never know when our last day will be so learn to live each day as if it were your last. It puts things into perspective when we make this our lifestyle. One day our heart will beat for the last time and we will take our final breath. Our life on this earth will be over. Will others be able to see just what a difference we made in this life?

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat as needed. Life is filling you with every breath. Each breath is a gift from God. Take it all in. Linger in this moment. Don’t let it pass for it will soon be over. Life…just waiting to be lived. Just waiting to be discovered.

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