Regardless if we are aware of it or not, we are constantly setting goals for our future. It could be things that we are wanting to achieve in our personal lives, families, relationships, careers, or our health. We see things that we need to work on, and we decide on just the right time to tackle these new found challenges. We do extensive research to gain much needed knowledge to help us work toward these hopeful accomplishments. Then we begin the process to making it all happen.

Even if we aren’t consciously thinking about a five or ten year plan, we are already doing this for ourselves by failing to look towards our future. A lack of planning is already setting up ourselves for failure. It is vital to keep focused, but not just focused within ourselves. It’s about inviting God into the center of all that we are looking to happen. God is pleased with our desire to look ahead, but we must always give Him the open door to change and rearrange all that we are setting out to do. He is The One that is in control of our future, and not us. He has the final say and authority on all of our goals. We see how His goals for us are even greater than what we had for ourselves. His vision for the days ahead are beyond what we would have ever thought of.

We need God’s wisdom as we seek Him for this goal guidance. Everyday we must be declaring, decreeing, and confessing that we have the mind of Christ. We must live in expectancy that He is going to prove Himself faithful to that which He has promised us. As we pour into His Word and presence, then we are unlocking the door to making this happen. As we keep our minds focused on Him, then we are in the best place to hear from Him on direction for our new found goals. We have a supernatural source that is constantly pouring into us as we pour into Him. It is a vast wealth of information flowing from the well of His wisdom to know just how to make all of this happen.

As we set out on this new adventure to where God wants to take us, we must come to grips with the fact that there will be a great cost involved. We are blind to the truth to think that we can get to where we are headed without having to make some sacrifices along the way. There will be some things that we will have to give up to get where we want to be. There may be some necessary lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to push us closer to our destiny. There may be some things that we will have to say no to in order to bring us to our intended destination. It might be painful in the immediate to make these choices, but when we accomplish that initial goal, then we will be thankful that we were faithful to stay true to what was in front of us. We make up our minds not to get caught up in the here and now. We are able to look with eyes of vision into our future to see something even greater than what we think is great at the moment.

Setting our minds on what God has in store for us as He downloads instruction can be a place of great uncertainty and unknown. It’s not a place of comfort. It’s easy to operate out of fear, but we can’t let that stop us. We must know that the greatness of His power in us will be what launches us ahead with the courage to tackle whatever He has placed in front of us. Our goals may seem too big for us, but not with Him on our side. In fact, His power working in us is limitless as to what He can accomplish through us.

Seek God. Ask questions. Give Him the time and space to speak to you. Don’t get discouraged. Keep working diligently everyday on each goal that He has set for you. Trust Him on the days that it seems that you aren’t making any progress. Pretty soon you will be celebrating a win on what you didn’t give up on. Just hang on. Great things are in store!

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