Impossible. When we hear this word, it brings to mind so many thoughts and emotions. We think about all of the things before us that we can’t even imagine a solution. It doesn’t seem attainable. It isn’t within our reach or grasp. It’s just too difficult to try to comprehend.

Each of us are placed in situations in our life that we consider impossible. Within ourselves, we just don’t have what it takes to make it happen. The task before us appears gigantic. We don’t understand how we’ll ever make it over the mountain that’s in front of us. We’re at a Red Sea moment. If God doesn’t come through, then we are completely sunk. On our own, we are down for the count.

Impossible is just what we will face when we try to do it all on our own. Our flesh loves to be independent. It doesn’t want help from anyone else. It wants to be able to take all of the credit for what it accomplished within its own strength, but when we live this way, then we are doing ourselves a great injustice. We are blinded by this overarching battle within us that we fight on a daily basis.

We weren’t created to face these challenges in life on our own. God created us to include Him in every part of our lives, even those parts that we can’t see a solution. Those parts that are causing us great stress and anxiety. Those parts that are keeping us awake at night. Those parts that seem impossible.

So often we forget that we serve the God of the impossible. He already has the answer before we even cry out to Him. He’s in our future and our past all at the same time. He knows the end from the beginning, so nothing is too difficult for Him. He has the ability and power to do even greater than we can think or imagine. There is not one thing we face that has Him up pacing the floor at night wondering what He can do to take care of it. He’s not losing sleep over anything because He is the God of more than enough.

When we bring God into these trying places, then we are setting up ourselves to a front row seat to a miracle in our lives. We give Him our little. He takes it and blesses it. Then He transforms that little into more than we ever dreamed possible. He takes our impossible and makes it possible, all because we didn’t try to do it on our own. We gave Him the space to work in our lives in ways that we never could accomplish on our own. We didn’t hold Him back from all that He desired to do.

As we live in this place of complete trust in God, we begin to realize that we aren’t the one that is in control. Only God is. We have the beauty of sharing life with Him. We see things from a limited perspective, but He doesn’t. It’s easy to instruct God on how He needs to work in our situation, but that’s where we become discouraged. So often we don’t see the miracle until much farther down the road. We then experience the beauty of seeing how The God of the impossible truly was The God of the impossible in our situation. We didn’t see it then, but now we do. Don’t limit yourself on what you see or don’t see God doing. He’s working even when you don’t see Him working.

Take that step of faith. Reach out towards the dream God has placed in your heart. Work on accomplishing that goal that seems too much for you on your own. The God of the impossible wants to become the God of your possible in all of this. Do your part. Don’t grow weary. Be patient in every moment of the climb. You’re going to make it over, and the view from the top is going to be absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. It will be you and God enjoying this together. You and God make a wonderful team!

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