We’ve just recently turned the page to a new season. Each time that we partake of this quarterly ritual, it is always filled with great promise and expectation. We’re looking forward into all that is just up ahead and quickly approaching. Thoughts of all of the possibilities that lie just within reach. So close that we anxiously await all that is to come in this new season. An excitement is brewing in the air. It’s so difficult to contain ourselves because we are more than ready for this. It’s finally here!

New seasons on the calendar give us the opportunity for something new and fresh. Trails not yet explored. Things just waiting to be discovered. These new seasons are like turning over a new leaf. Like writing in a brand new journal with crisp, white pages just waiting to be filled up with thoughts, ideas, and our heart’s desires. There’s something special about all of this newness.

Now what would happen if we would approach new seasons in our lives with all of this enthusiasm? What if we were to get caught up in all that lies ahead instead of all that we left behind in the last season? What if we allowed God the space to come in and speak hope into all that lies ahead? Then we would be headed into new territory with a positive outlook. Everything about our lives would change. All with a simple mindset readjustment. We would no longer be discouraged, but we would be encouraged to know that God is at work with all that is approaching. There would be no stopping us because we would put no limits on God.

With this being the case, then why are we so quick to mourn all that was left behind? Why do we think that God doesn’t have the ability to do even greater in our lives just because some time has passed? We are so quick to jump on the negativity bandwagon. To think that this is as good as it gets. Nothing will ever change. My best days are all behind me.

We have got to stop with all of this destructive thinking. Every time we dwell on a negative thought and then proceed to let it come out of our mouths, then we are only harming ourselves and all that God wants to do in our lives. So many times, we hold Him back because we think we are unimportant to Him. That is so far from the truth. When we abide as a son or daughter of Abba Father, then we have full assurance of the promises and truths of His Word. His Word will never fail, and it will never fail us.

So does that mean that nothing bad will ever happen? Absolutely not. We live in a sin-filled and broken world. We are all going to experience things that just aren’t right and fair in our lives. Things that make us question everything we’ve ever known about God. Things that seem too much to bear, but we can’t let any of that stop us. We cannot allow it to paralyze us with fear so frightened to move forward into our future. When we do that, then we are holding back some of the greatest blessings He has in store for us. We are exchanging God’s ginormous future in front of us for the crippling emotions of the moment that only serve to hold us back.

The time is now. Look at what’s ahead of you with great promise and possibility. See it all through God’s eyes and not your eyes of flesh. Purpose in your heart that you aren’t going to hold Him back from anything that He desires to do in your life. Meditate on it. Think it. Speak it. Declare it. Then watch God bring it to pass. Watch Him bring to pass things that are greater than you can even think or imagine. Your new season isn’t in the future. It’s here right now. Approach it prayerfully with great expectation of all that He has planned for you. It’s going to be one exciting journey!

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