It had been a very long day. I was tired, and all I wanted to do was go home. Before I opened up my car door to begin this journey, I had just received some news that was rather crushing. It cut to the depths of past wounds. The scab had been torn off leaving emotional pain gaping and exposed once again. I didn’t ask for this, but it found me. It hurt to the core of who I was both now and in the past. The tears began to flow as I questioned God why for the millionth time.

Even though this was a place that should have left me quite uncomfortable, honestly I felt great comfort here, even amidst the despair that so throughly surrounded me. This didn’t just happen by chance or coincidence as to how God stepped in, but it was well thought out ahead of time to let me know that He was thinking of me, even in a time such as this. I love how God shows up in ways that are unusual and out of the norm for us. He goes to great lengths to let us know just how much He loves us, and that He did that very instant.

You must understand a little of the back story here. I had been given a cd with worship music which I was using for a particular project that I was involved in. I had listened to that cd some throughout the day, but didn’t pay much attention to where it had stopped. It wasn’t really any different than what I do on any other day. It seemed like business as usual to me, that is until I got in my car and turned on my cd to get some much needed encouragement.

Then it happened just like that! Song number eight was playing as soon as I turned on my CD player. That’s when that song came alive in my spirit. I had listened to it numerous times before, but this time it took on a whole new meaning. This time The Spirit breathed a rhema Word into it just for me. Every line in that song spoke to exactly where I was in my life and what I was feeling. It ministered healing to every part of me that so desperately needed to know God’s love at that moment. It was just like healing oil being poured onto each of those wounds that seemed to paralyze me just a few minutes before. God let me know in that moment some very personal and intimate Words that I desperately needed to hear. It was a special moment between He and I. I couldn’t even speak a word. I just let Him pour into me His overwhelming love of which He has done numerous times before. It was a moment that I will never and don’t ever want to forget.

That CD could have been on any of those other tracks, but God chose in that split second to be on the one that I needed to hear right in that exact moment. God loved me enough to make sure that I had this specific message to offer me hope and encouragement that I needed right then, not fifteen minutes earlier or not fifteen minutes later. He is always in the moment with us no matter if it’s a good moment or one that is less than desirable. He knows and is concerned with every single detail of our life. That’s the awesome God that we serve.

Don’t ever think that God isn’t paying attention because He is. As His children, He is always waiting there for us with open arms and words of love and encouragement that only He can give. He is always speaking to us, but we miss it so many times because every other noise is drowning out His still and quiet voice. He is there for us desiring only for us to know the beauty of His presence. Of just being with Him. Being with Him in the good or the bad. Being with Him when everything’s going our way or when our world is falling apart. Bring Him your smiles and overflowing heart of joy. Bring Him your despair and tears of grief or sadness. Just bring Him, you. You, that’s what He wants. The polished and pretty you or the bruised, broken, and bleeding you. He just wants you, child. Just you. The Father wants you.

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