Father. I love the sound of that. Father, as I speak Your name, I am ushered into Your presence. A place for only the two of us. A place that I am loved. A place of no guilt or shame. A place where being me is celebrated. I love this place because it’s where You long for me to be. You want me to be with you even more than I want to be with you. Your love is a love unlike any other. So precious. So costly. So overwhelming and complete.

Even in this place that feels like a dry and barren wilderness, I know You are still there. Even in the place where it feels as if You are far away from me, I know that You are still right beside me. I know that I can’t go on my feelings because they will lie to me. It’s Your truth that I choose to believe. That’s what I run to. Your truth never lies. It just pushes me closer to Your love. Your overwhelming, never-ending love for me. For me! Father, Your love is for me.

As I sit here soaking in Your presence, You keep drawing me back to a place of resting in You. You want me to rest in You out of Your love for me. It’s not about me striving more or working more for You. You are blessed by those things, but when I rest in You, then I must trust in You. It takes me out of the equation. No longer am I trying to make things happen. I am giving You the room and permission to do that which I can’t. So as I rest in You, I wait and watch You put it all together.

Father, thank You for the beautiful gift of communication with You. The gift of prayer. The gift of making myself known and vulnerable to You. You know everything about me and still love me, regardless. You see me not as I am, but for that which I will become. I am a work in progress. A masterpiece in the making. I am so precious and special to You. I know that I am all of these things and more because You’ve shown that to me in Your Word. You’ve spoken that to me in my spirit. All just because You love me that much. I am Your beloved daughter. Created and designed just the way that You purposed me to be.

Thank You for the beautiful gift of friendship that I share with You. I’m never alone. I may feel lonely sometimes, but I am never alone. You said that You would never leave me or forsake me, and that’s a promise and truth I can bank on. I just want to rest in this place. A place where You care about everything that I care and am concerned about. I am so loved by The Creator of the sun, moon, and stars. I am fully known and loved by You, Father. You still love me even in spite of being fully known and loved by you. Thank You for letting me be vulnerable in this place. That means that I don’t ever have to be afraid. There’s no fear in this love.

Father, as I close out this time with You, I know that my time with you continues on as I keep my mind focused on You. I know that You’re as close as the mention of Your name. That beautiful name of Jesus. None other as Yours. Your name sets people free. Your name set me free. I breathe in Your name. I breathe out Your praises. What a wonderful, powerful, and loving name!

I surrender. I am Yours. Have Your way. Do with me as You want. There’s no place I’d rather be.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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