“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” 1 John 3:1

When I begin to think about just how much God loves me, it becomes quite overwhelming. It’s difficult to even explain or put into words. His love for me is higher than the highest mountain and deeper than the deepest sea. It stretches out even further than the east is from the west. There are no limits to God’s love for me. Just when I try to put a boundary on it, then God moves out just a little further expanding it more than I can even grasp or imagine. There just is no way to measure it. Not at all!

When I think about His love for me on a daily, personal, and intimate level, then that changes the idea of His love for me even more. God knows about every single detail of my life and still loves me anyway. He knows everything about me, and it doesn’t change a thing with Him. Of course He is pleased when I am obedient, but no matter what I do or don’t do, it won’t change His love for me for one second.

There’s not anything I can do to gain His love for me. He loves me – no questions asked. It’s difficult to comprehend how the creator of the sun, moon, stars, and all of the planets, still has time to be concerned with what concerns me. He cares about each frustration, each burden, each irritation, each hurt, and each difficulty that I go through, but He does so much more than just care about me when I face tough times. He demonstrates His love by reaching His hand down to rescue me out of the pit of despair that I have somehow fallen into. God has went to great lengths to let me know just how much that I mean to Him.

There is no one that will ever love me the way that He loves me. In fact, if I don’t receive the beautiful gift of His love, then it makes it almost impossible to even give love to others. I must be content and secure in His love or I will keep spinning in circles trying to get others to love me. Once I realize that I don’t do anything to gain His love for me, then I become confident in loving others. I don’t put any expectations on others for how they love me, and I don’t put any expectations on myself in how I love others. His love gives me freedom to not be afraid to love. I can be myself without being afraid of what others will think. I can give of myself without fear of rejection because my love in God is so strong that every other love fails in comparison to His love for me.

When we love others, there is always a chance that we are going to get hurt. I don’t like that, but that is reality in the sin-filled world that we live in. If I focus my energy on allowing God to love me and in return me loving God, then it makes the heart hurt that we go through not as bad. I would be foolish to say that we aren’t ever going to experience this type of pain because we are all going to experience this many times in our life. God’s love is like a soft pillow in which to land when we experience this pain. His love is always there regardless of what happens. It’s a constant and something to be counted on and relied on.

Just because God loves me doesn’t mean that He is going to give me everything that I want. In fact, many times God’s love doesn’t feel like love at all. That’s only because we can’t see the full picture like He can. When situations don’t turn out in our favor, then we see this as God not loving us. We fail to see how God is protecting us and shaping each detail to bring us into His destiny for the kingdom. We get stuck in the here and now with no way to see beyond tomorrow. His plans and purposes for you are greater than anything you could even think about or imagine. Now that’s what I call love.

So it might seem like I have a monopoly on God’s love and that I’m His favorite, but that’s not true either. The beauty of the love that I’ve just described is just as much available for you as it is me. When you live everyday full and overwhelmed in His love, you will experience a joy and freedom that the world just doesn’t understand. No amount of money can buy it. You get to experience this awesome gift each and everyday when you make the decision to receive His love. Even though there are no favorites in God’s kingdom, He loves you so loud that it feels that you are His favorite. God gave His best gift for you, Jesus. He gave it all so that you could know His love every moment of your life.

So dive in. Don’t be afraid. Allow God’s love to overwhelm you. You will be a reflection of His love to others because His love has overtaken every part of you. You just can’t keep this beautiful gift to yourself. It must be shared with others. Allow God to pour forth His sweet anointing of His love onto every parched, dry, and broken soul just waiting to experience a love that they never knew existed. You are the vessel full and running over with God’s love. Pour it out!

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