I want to share something a little bit different with you today. This is a personal prayer and reflection that I’ve written. I want you to see inside Natalie and just a little of my heart. It’s not anything that follows a certain formula, but something that God led me to pray over myself. Over the past year, I have become a lover of written prayers, both for myself and others. When you share written prayers with others, then they are able to read over and over again just how you prayed for them. That can be very encouraging to go back and read when you are having a tough day and feel like giving up. There is a certain risk I take each and everyday by being vulnerable and transparent with others, but I also find great freedom in being able to be me without any fear. I am free to be Natalie, and that feels wonderful. So read and pray this prayer along with me for yourself. May it speak to your spirit and encourage you as you seek Him.

God, share Your heart with me! You have placed this burning desire inside the deepest parts of Natalie. I want to know You, Abba, for who You are and not only for what You can give to me. So many times in my life, I’ve been so guilty of only wanting what You could give me, but now my heart is turned towards Your face. I want to seek Your face and Your heart, and not just Your hand. So many times You feel so silent my life. I know that You are there, but I just can’t see how You are putting all things together in my life. Some of it doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’m at peace with that because I know that I know that I know that You are putting together every piece of my puzzle to make a beautiful masterpiece. Thank You for making me a whole and healed woman! You loved me enough to reach down and do something supernaturally that only You could do. I am forever grateful that you loved me that much. I know that I am Your beloved. Thank You for how You overwhelm me with Your love every single day of my life. Father, thank You for the desires that You have placed in my heart. I know that they are from You, and You will bring them to pass in Your timing. Father, thank You for the honesty that I’m able to share with You. You see everything about me – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and You still love me anyways. Thank You that I am able to experience my true worth and value in You and not anyone else. Father, continue to pour into me so that I can pour into others. Fill my vessel to full and overflowing so that I’m not pouring from something empty. Father, continue to share Your heart with me, just as You’ve desired to do from the beginning of time. I only want Your heart and nothing else. Reveal that to me as only You can do. It’s Your heart or nothing else, Father. Shape it to look like Yours. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

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