There are seasons in our life we don’t ever want to repeat. Times when things just aren’t going our way. Difficult places. Challenging places. Most often revolving around some type of pain or discomfort. We try as hard as we can to forget about them.

These are the times we begin to question God. Wondering where He is in all of this. Feeling forgotten. Alone. As if no one cares. We ask God why, but all we hear is silence. We’re in the desert. We’re in a wilderness. Where is God in all of this mess? Has He just left us here to die? Will it always be this way? If He loves us, then why do we even have to go through this? Our heart is crushed. The tears flow. Every bit of energy spent. Finding no place to run from our troubles, we just want this all to be over.

El Roi – The God who sees me. This is what we need to hang onto at these low and devastating times in our lives. To take to heart the knowing that God sees us exactly where we are, even if no one else in the whole world does. The comfort of resting in the peace of this place. Our world may be spinning out of control, but we know that not one detail takes God by surprise. He sees us in our hidden season. When no one else is paying attention or even notices the pain that we are carrying, He sees it all.

El Roi – The God who sees me when I’m crying. Who sees me when I’m devastated. Who sees me when I’m discouraged. Who sees me when I’m lonely. Who sees me when I’m afraid. Who sees me when I’m grieving. Who sees me when I’m empty. Who sees me when I have nothing left to give. Who sees me when I’m broken. Who sees me when I’m shattered. Who sees me when my heart is breaking. Who sees me when I’m weak. Who sees me when I’ve had all that I can take. This is El Roi – The God who sees me.

Just the mere fact that He sees me in my darkest moments, lets me know just how much He loves me. I’m not traveling my journey alone or unnoticed. He is paying attention and watching me – not from a distance, but right where I am. He sees me on the long nights when sleep just won’t come. He sees me when I’m all by myself with a million questions wondering where all of this is headed. He sees me when I’m just about ready to give up. Even in all of this, He has His eye on me. Not for a second has He taken His eye off from me. He’s been right there with me this whole time. Never once leaving me to handle any of this on my own. That’s what a picture of love looks like.

The God who sees me from before I was born to the day when I take my final breath – and everyday in between. This is The One who has my heart. This is The One whom I love. This is The One who loves, honors, cherishes, and adores me. El Roi – He is The God who sees me.

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