With all of the chaos and confusion that has been gripping our world, sometimes it’s difficult to process it all. The news keeps changing every hour. Nothing seems stable. We are experiencing life in a way that seems foreign to us. So much of what we’ve known has been stripped away. It all looks so much different from where we’re standing now. It’s difficult to understand just what it was like right before it all began to fall apart. It’s a different world for each of us.

In the midst of it all, I have learned the importance of staying focused. Focused in what I’m listening to. Focused in what I’m reading. Being mindful of what I’m taking in my ears and eyes. I can’t control the events going on around me, but I can control how I am responding to them. That response has resulted in a total immersion in The Word. I have chosen to use all of my free time pursuing this. I’ve always taken my spiritual journey seriously, but now is a critical time for me. If I’m not careful, it would be very easy to slip back into some dark places. So with that being the case, I decided to be proactive. I took responsibility for me and my spiritual deposits.

Being the creative person that I am, I knew that I didn’t want to get in a rut. It’s so easy to read and pray in the same environment each day. I wanted to keep things from growing stagnant so I started being prayerful about my options. It didn’t seem like I had many until I let God lead and guide me in it. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks about what I could do. The answer was staring me right in the face. It was there all along.

That’s when I discovered First Church of The Car. My car! That’s it. That’s where I learned to enjoy some of my best worship moments. Singing, reading The Bible, listening to podcasts, or just sitting still. It all makes up the perfect worship experience for me. I love to change locations for this church car experience. Sometimes this entails watching the traffic. Other times, it’s just me out away from all of the hustle and bustle. Regardless of where I go, it’s always a peaceful place just being in that environment of worship with just me and The Father.

Sunday morning corporate worship is very important. We need that time to come together in unity with one purpose – to exalt and honor Abba Father. He deserves every bit of it. In all of the beauty, there is something just as special and beautiful when I’m having my own worship celebration at First Church of The Car. No one there except the two of us. No worries about the time. No worship format. No agenda. Only the desire to bring honor and glory to God with the gift of my time. Simple, yet profound. Quiet moments that shape and mold me to be a reflection of Him.

So when I’ve had enough. When it’s been a tough day. When I just need to get away from it all. That’s when I pay a visit to First Church of The Car. God is always ready to meet me there. He’s always ready to share an encouraging word with me. He lets me come to Him just as I am. Happy days. Frustrating days. Days that I just want to be quiet. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about being in the beauty and awesomeness of His presence. That’s where I am changed. That’s where the real, the raw, and the honest meets The Father. No mask. Transparent. Just being me. No cover-up. Nothing to hide. The joy of being His daughter.

May the joy that I find at First Church of The Car follow me everywhere I go. May it pour over onto every person God puts in my path. It’s mobile. It’s on the go. Possibly coming to a location near you. Maybe I’ll see you there soon, but only at your own personal First Church of The Car. It’s big enough for everyone.

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