I heard it just outside my window. It was my own personal concert. A melody so pure and unique. Over every other sound, it was the one that captured my attention. I didn’t want to leave. It was a gift to me from God.

The little bird. That’s what it was. One little bird singing a beautiful song. That’s what I just couldn’t get away from. It kept proclaiming the most magnificent tune. It was reflecting the perfection of its Creator. Small, yet so mighty.

No matter what was going on around the bird, it didn’t seem to matter. It still chose to sing regardless. Nothing could stop it. It was determined to share its special gift with the world. It had a song in its heart, and it wanted everyone to know it.

Oh how I want to be just like that little bird. Even though things may not be going right for me, I still want to sing. Even though the world may be utter chaos and confusion around me, I still want to share my song. Just as nothing seemed to faze my new friend, I want to stand strong, confident, and steadfast trusting my Creator no matter what it looks like. If it’s cold and rainy, I want to belt it out as if it were sunny and a comfortable 72 degrees. A song in my heart. A praise on my lips. That’s the portrait I want to paint of myself on the not so good days. Realizing just how blessed I am. Treasuring each moment. Knowing that God is working it all together for my good even when it doesn’t appear that way. These are the things I want to proclaim. Hope. Love. Joy. Peace. That’s the message the world needs to hear. That’s the message I want to broadcast.

I don’t want to lose the song. I want to remember all of the wonderful blessings that God continues to lavish upon me. I want to look back and sing an anthem of rock solid faith. I want to look towards the future and sing a prelude of what’s to come, God’s favor. I want to sing of His mercy and grace. I want to sing with expectancy and anticipation of His exceedingly, abundantly that He’s bringing into my life. I want to sing a song of courage even while the battle is raging. I want to sing a song when my world is falling apart. I want to sing a song for the whole world to hear.

The little bird didn’t have a clue I was even paying attention. It sang just because. The gifts on the inside poured forth to the outside, and the result was a wonderful musical masterpiece. That’s what I want my life to look like. A musical masterpiece. God gives me the song, and I sing it. I don’t hold back. I immerse myself in the beauty that only these moments can bring. A song that never has to end. A song that’s all mine. No one else’s song is quite like this one. It’s arranged just for me.

Little bird, little bird, how you inspire me. Your song. Your persistence. Your brave heart. You are marked with the beauty and music of God.

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