You. Yes, you. I’m talking to you. The same you that you speak to numerous times during the day. The same you that is constantly listening in on those negative conversations in your head. The same you that battles over and over again from the harmful self-talk that is replayed over and over again in your mind. The same you that is afraid to be alone in your own thoughts. That is the you that I want to speak to today. The you that deserves so much more than all of this. This is the person that I want to address.

When will you ever get comfortable just being in your own company? You feel as though you must have someone with you at all times, but that isn’t reality. Being alone is a fearful place to you. You’ve bought into this lie, but now is the time to bring this to a halt. Approach God in this place of healing that you so desperately need. It’s time to start enjoying who you are. It’s time to face things, even if you have to face them alone. Of course, with God you’re never alone, but you have an enemy that doesn’t want you to remember this truth. In the physical it may appear that you are alone, but in the spiritual you are greatly surrounded.

When will you ever stop speaking to yourself in a way that you wouldn’t speak to anyone else? It hurts God’s heart when He hears you say all of those mean things. Things like…I’m stupid, ugly, and such a failure. God created and fashioned you just the way you are, so stop speaking those lies over yourself. None of those hurtful words are true. You are smart, beautiful, and a success. The next time you catch yourself, and yes there will be a next time, shut it down immediately. Remind yourself just what a masterpiece you are. No one deserves to be spoken to in this manner, and no longer will it be you.

When will you ever slow down long enough to take care of you? You’re always doing for others, but not taking any time for yourself. You’re tired, exhausted, and depleted. You don’t have anything else left to give. Your health is beginning to suffer, and all of the extra unnecessary stress is now taking its toll on your mind and body. It’s time to love yourself and others enough to see to it that you are being poured into. The guilt for taking care of you has got to go. God wants you to love yourself and others enough to not push your needs to the back-burner. Begin to realize that you are worth so much more than this overextended lifestyle that you’ve been living.

The time is now. None of this will happen unless you take responsibility for yourself at this point in time. No one will do this for you. God wants nothing but the best for you, but you must first give Him something to work with, and that something to work with is you. When you begin to see just how much you’re worth to God, then you are in the right place to move forward with this new lifestyle. For too long, you’ve played the martyr for God, but this isn’t healthy nor the abundant life that He has called you to live. Take care of yourself – spirit, soul, and body. No more guilt or shame from the enemy for knowing your worth and identity in Christ. It’s time to move forward into the new you. New looks good on you!

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