Everywhere we go. Everything we touch. We are leaving a fingerprint. Evidence that we’ve been there. Even if we remain anonymous, a part of us is still there. This unique creation only shared by us. No one else able to boast in this certain imprint. A special pattern that no one can lay claim to. The one and only. Only…us.

As God begins to do the job of changing us from the inside out, He begins to leave a fingerprint on our heart. Something to recognize that He’s been there. That He’s been doing something only He can do. Showing up as a beauty that only He could create. The beauty of a surrendered life. Of a life lived so passionately in love with The Creator that nothing can tear us apart – no trial, struggle, or difficulty. The fingerprint of His presence. The fingerprint of His overwhelming love. The fingerprint…of Him.

The fingerprint of our Abba Father doesn’t just stick on our heart. It begins to stick on all of those around us. We don’t mean for this to happen. It just does. All that we’ve experienced begins to pour over onto everyone that He puts in our path. His goodness, love, and joy begin to bubble over as we live a full and running over lifestyle. It was never meant to be kept to ourselves. He never meant for His fingerprint to stop with only our heart. His intention was for His fingerprint to be shared with the whole world. He wants a world filled with His fingerprints.

It all starts with us. It all starts with living a life focused on relationship with God. He pursues after us time and time again, but we must reach a point where our strongest desire becomes pursuing and chasing after the things of God. He is that faithful Father ever watching after us. Ever waiting for our return. Patiently holding on because He loves us. Never giving up. Always there for us. Likewise, in return we give the same back to God. Being faithful to our relationship. Being sold out and committed no matter what. Passionately pursuing The One who has our heart.

That little smudgy fingerprint is a reminder to us. It’s a reminder of the imprint God is making on our life, as well as the imprint He’s making on other people’s lives through us. His fingerprint can’t be wiped off. It is forever tattooed on our heart. It’s there to make a lasting impact on our lives and on the lives of those around us.

May you stamp His fingerprint everywhere you go just as His fingerprint has been stamped on you. The fingerprint of His love. The fingerprint of relationship. The fingerprint of just who He is. Forever etched on your heart. Forever etched on every life you touch. Forever etched in eternity.

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