You have so much potential brewing on the inside of you that you’ve yet to discover. So many gifts, talents, skills, and abilities just waiting to be brought to light. You might wonder how this can be because you just don’t see any of it. You feel as if you have reached your max on what you have to offer, but there is so much more to you than meets the eye.

God is waiting for the perfect opportunity to draw this out of you, but He won’t force the issue. He created you as a brilliant masterpiece. Everything about you screams handcrafted beauty. Nothing about you was thrown together. It was all created with a unique purpose. There isn’t anything about you that He didn’t take the time to plan for a specific design. He fashioned you for this particular day and hour. This is no small task. Only The Master has the ability to accomplish this depth of a work of art.

So often, this drawing out will be birthed out of difficulty and pain. You wonder how God could take your struggles and make something beautiful out of them, but He does. He’s the expert at all of this, but He won’t force the issue. You must come to the place of surrender for all that He desires to do in your life. He’s the perfect gentleman. He will never make you do anything you don’t want to do. You’re not operating out of control from Him, but out of love.

All of these newfound gifts, talents, skills, and abilities are nothing more than seeds in your hand. You can keep the seeds, which don’t really serve a purpose, or you can sow the seeds and allow God to bring the harvest. Your harvest is about so much more than yourself. It’s about building The Kingdom and sharing God’s love with others. It’s about giving it all back to God so that He can do more with it than you ever dreamed possible. It’s about loving God enough to release it all back to Him because it was all His from the beginning anyways. He just chose to let you have a small part in all of this.

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to begin this discovery. The time to start is now. Of course, all of this comes in process and can’t be forced, but God sees and knows your heart. He understands your desire to be all that you can be for Him. He understands your longing to bring glory to The Kingdom. He will honor all of this because you are surrendering to His heart and way of doing things. He is pleased with you.

Don’t waste your life on those things that serve no eternal significance or purpose. Spend your time pursuing things that last. Discover your calling. Seek God’s wisdom to bring out all of your gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. He wants you to live a life of constant self-discovery for who He created you to be. This is a journey that you will continue on for the rest of your days. It won’t be over until you finally make it home. May the end of your time on earth not leave you with unfulfilled potential. Use it all for Him now because life has an expiration date.

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