If we look at our circumstances long enough, then each of us has cause to get discouraged and depressed without having to look very far. For some reason, we are always drawn to looking at what is wrong in our life. What isn’t right catches our eye first. It’s as if we thrive on negativity. I don’t think we mean to do this, but it happens far more than we would like to admit.

It does take some work to live life on the flip side. To not look at things as we see them, but to view them as God sees them. We see what needs to change. We see what looks impossible, but that’s not His viewpoint. He sees from a totally different vantage point. He sees the end just as well as the beginning. He does have an advantage here all because He is God, but then we have an advantage, too. When we live in complete trust of all that is at work, then we can trust Him even in the situations that seem lifeless and hopeless. We don’t have to understand every detail. He has that under control. All He asks of us is to do our very small part, and let Him handle the rest.

We have to work on a mind set change if we expect to come out of this dark place. We must grab hold of God’s Word and never let go. He longs for us to immerse ourselves in His Truth. In fact, the more truth of God’s Word that we have in us, the harder it is for Satan to sneak in his crafty, little lies. We are able to see his lies for what they are, nothing but hot air. Our minds are so saturated with The Word that our words are continually pouring forth God’s truth. We’ve been overtaken by God’s Word, and His Word overtakes our situation. This is the place where our power lies.

It’s so easy to make excuses as to why we can’t do any of this. We think it’s too hard. We think we are too weak. We think Satan is too powerful. Excuses are just thoughts to convince us of all of the reasons why it won’t work, but God wants to show us all of the reasons that it will work – all in His timing and His way. We tend to lose heart and patience if it seems to be taking a little longer than expected, but we must be determined to stay in it for the long haul. When we’re ready to give up, God is just getting started.

It’s time to look at our life and do an inventory. What are the majority of our thoughts? Are they based upon The Truth of God’s Word or the lies of the enemy? Are they glorifying God or bringing glory to the problem? Do they seek to build us up or tear us down? It won’t take very long before we begin to see patterns in our thinking and mindsets. We’ll be able to see where we barely cracked open the door in our thoughts and let the enemy slide right in.

Take back the ground that Satan stole from your mind. Purify it with The Word. Stay plugged into those things that seek to build up and not tear down. Don’t let him take another inch. It’s time we run him out of town. He’s had enough airplay in our minds. Now let God’s Word wash over you with the truth. Let The Word bring healing to those wounded places.

One negative thought will lead to another will lead to another will lead to another. One positive thought will lead to another will lead to another will lead to another. Make the decision now to think on those things that are pure, lovely, and true. You can do this with God’s help for nothing is impossible with God. Your impossibility is now His possibility. Walk in it. Walk in the freedom of His Word over your mind. It’s a beautiful place to live.

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