I don’t have time for this today. I don’t want my plans to change. All of this is going to mess up what I have planned. It’s going to throw off everything and create more stress for me. God, why does this have to be the case today? Can’t we just go back to square one and the original plan? I know that would work much better.

We are all faced with this dilemma time and time again. Something happens that we weren’t expecting. We can’t quite comprehend how we’re going to make it all come together now that life is headed in a different direction. It all feels quite uncomfortable because we aren’t able to see where this is headed. It becomes one endless cycle of stress, anxiety, and worry. We get upset with everyone around us because our world is spinning out of control. We say things that we later regret. We wish that we would have been more patient to those that we came into contact with today. It’s been one of those days.

It’s difficult to see God in all of the details when we’re in the middle of what seems like mass chaos, but He is. If we could only see things from His perspective, and that is where we are limited. We can’t see any of that. We just have to trust Him in the midst of what doesn’t make sense. So often we don’t understand why things had to work out like they did, but it didn’t take Him by surprise when someone got sick, you got stuck in traffic, or that appointment suddenly got cancelled for no apparent reason.

There is beauty in this unknown. In this place of losing control over our calendars and schedules. In this place of having to take it all by blind faith. The beauty is in what God is weaving together from what we don’t see. So often when things don’t go our way, God is setting us up for something greater than we can even think or imagine. We have to go through things that are foreign to us to get us where He is wanting us to be. He is looking at the whole picture. We’re just seeing one tiny dot on the canvas.

So the next time things aren’t going as planned, may your first response be one of trust. Trusting God that this is all going to work out better than you expect. It’s normal to experience an initial feeling of disappointment, but may that go as quickly as it came upon you. Just know that God has your greater good in mind. You may not see the answer today or tomorrow, but there is a purpose in the midst of this mess. All it takes are eyes of faith. Look at all of this with eyes of faith even when you can’t see what He’s doing. He’s putting it all together just the way that it needs to be. Just wait and see.

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