You’ve been sensing it for quite awhile now, but it just hasn’t been the right time. You’ve been praying for wisdom and direction as how to proceed forward. You’ve been faithful to wait on God to give you the go ahead for this, and you haven’t been ready…that is, until now. Now you have the green light from God. You know that today is the day to proceed forward. You don’t second guess yourself because you know in your spirit that you have to do this. It’s went from a thought that you had many days ago to a full, whole heart’s desire today. You must follow through on your obedience before you can totally be at peace.

So you set out to accomplish this brave new thing that God is leading you to. The excitement is building as you anticipate all that He has in store for you. Nothing can stop you now. It’s full-steam ahead. You are moving forward and leaving a trail of dust behind you. You and God have got this.

Then something happens. You’re working really hard on seeing this through to completion, but you begin to hit some potholes in the road. Some things aren’t going as planned. You start to get discouraged. All you want is this one thing, but now it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up the pace to get you where you want to be. You have those difficult conversations with God asking Him why it has to be so tough for you. It looks so much easier for everyone else. It’s just not fair.

Then in the quiet and stillness of those evening and nighttime hours, God begins to reveal His heart for you in all of this. He’s seemed so absent at times as you’ve cried out to Him for answers that you just don’t seem to be getting. All you’ve wanted is to understand the craziness behind what just doesn’t seem to be going your way. He speaks something so simple, yet absolutely profound to your thirsty soul. It’s just what your spirit has been craving. He’s been so faithful to give you a heavenly download that you’ve been needing all along.

“Child, I am blessed to see you working so hard on this one thing. Your determination to see it through to the end has warmed this Father’s heart. I know how much you desire to get where you’re going, but I want you to remember that you are on a journey. There will be many twists and turns along the way, but you will get where you are going. There will be times that it feels as if you’re headed in the wrong direction, but really you aren’t. You’ll even question Me as it seems like nothing is going right, but I can assure you that you are headed on just the right path to get you where I want and need you to be. Not a minute early and not a minute late, but just right on time. I am your biggest cheerleader. Can you hear me cheering you on to keep at it another day? You’re gonna make it. On the days that nothing is going right, I want you to remember that I am walking right beside you. In fact when you are just too tired to go another step, then I will reach down, pick you up, and carry you because I love you that much. I love you that much, my precious and beloved child.”

Tears streaming down your face. Overwhelmed with the Father’s love and presence in your life. His care and concern about every single thing that concerns you. There are millions of needs around the world, but He chooses to include Himself in those things that really don’t matter to anyone except you. No one understands your struggle like you do, that is except the Father. In your heart, you know that it’s all going to be okay. He has spoken peace to those very depths of your soul that needed one word of refreshment. He loved you enough to show up in your situation.

Now you know that you will make it another day. Either running full steam ahead or with the Father carrying you across the finish line. You see the end in sight. Your one thing will be accomplished. It’s not just a dream anymore. It is your reality…your destiny…your destination. That’s where the two of you are headed. Receive it. Go for it. Reach it. It’s all waiting for you just up ahead.

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