Today I passed it by. I’ve seen this particular place many times before without giving it a second thought, but today was different. For some strange reason, a flood of emotions came crashing my way when I saw this place, and in a split second, God began to speak truth to me. I then knew exactly what God was wanting me to unpack and understand about it.

This place that I’m referring to is none other than the cemetery. You’re probably wondering just how God was up to something in this one, but boy was He ever. He can take the oddest things and use them as teaching spots for us.

The cemetery isn’t just home to those that have passed away, but the cemetery also houses other things that have died way before their time. These particular things, still left unnamed, didn’t make it, and when the person didn’t make it, then it was gone, as well.

You see, the cemetery isn’t just a place to house those that have passed away, but it is the burial ground to millions of dreams that have died along with all of the people. How many dreams did people really want to accomplish, but yet felt as if they didn’t have what it took? Precious years wasted pursuing everything else except those dreams that God placed in them. Everything else stood in the way and told them that it just wasn’t possible. So much potential lying wasted there all because of one word…fear.

We make so many excuses as to why our dreams just aren’t possible. We talk ourselves out of them every time because we think that they are just too hard. We then begin to ask ourselves how and why God would choose to use someone like us, and we buy into the lie that He couldn’t and wouldn’t use us because we are just a nobody. Then the dreams begin the dying process, just waiting to be buried when it’s their time to go. These dreams were something that God was birthing, but we just couldn’t see beyond all of our fear and doubts.

But what if our dreams could have a resurrection before we leave this earth? What if those passions and desires that God placed in us long ago that are barely holding on with life support could be brought back to life again? This is exactly what He wants to do with you. He doesn’t want to see you live life with unfulfilled dreams, and He certainly doesn’t want to see them buried in the cemetery. You have too much in you to just let it die. It’s time to let God breathe life into those dreams that you thought were dead and watch Him bring about a beautiful and miraculous resurrection story.

Make the decision today. Don’t let anymore time pass. It’s time to be brave, fight through the fear, and pursue those dreams that God has placed in you. God doesn’t want them to just be dreams. He desires to see you pursue those dreams that He’s given you a heart for. This is the place where you’ll live the most fulfilled. Anything less and life is greatly limited. God has placed so much greatness on the inside of you that’s He’s just waiting to draw out, but you must make the decision to let Him start that process. He will start it, but He wants you to pursue it. Then He’ll breathe life into those dreams and bring about purpose from the potential within you.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for the cemetery with all of those dreams. Get out there and watch God put it all into place. The clock is ticking. Time waits for no one.

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