God just used someone to bless me! This person didn’t know me or really know that much about me, but they took the time to pray for me and pray over me. They spoke Words of Life and encouragement over me. They cared enough to be Jesus in the flesh for me at just the time that I needed it. I love how God’s timing is always perfect for what we’re going through. He will use any vessel that’s willing and has a desire to be used by Him, and this person definitely surrendered to that call.

God desires to do the same thing with you. He wants to use you to touch other lives. So many times we are waiting on that one big ministry opportunity from God, but what He wants most is for you to follow through in obedience for ministry opportunities in your day-to-day life. Things that you would consider small and insignificant, many of which no one hardly ever sees or notices. If you aren’t faithful to serve in the small things, then it’s difficult for God to trust you with things that you would consider much bigger. Small things matter.

So much ministry happens outside of the couple of hours that we are in the church service each week. That’s where we live the vast majority of our lives. Our lives are lived at our jobs, running errands, spending time with family and friends, at ball games, and out in the market place. This is where we are going to run into people that need hope. People that need to experience God’s love. People that are at the end of their rope and ready to give up. You have something worth sharing, and His name is Jesus.

You must live each day with intentionality, expecting God to guide your steps so that you are in the right place at the right time. It’s amazing when you surrender to His will each morning how He will set up encounters for you everyday with people that need just what you have to share. You just thought that you happened to meet that waitress at the restaurant that needed to be encouraged, but God was in charge of it all. He sent you there on mission to share those words with her that kept her from wanting to give up. You didn’t know that, but God did. Everyday you are a missionary no matter where you go, and you just thought they went thousands of miles away. You are on God’s mission each and every moment. It just takes being mindful of every encounter that you have. Nothing is a coincidence. It’s all God-ordained. It’s all a set-up from God.

So be paying attention to who God puts in your path. Every meeting, every appointment, every errand is an opportunity to be a God encounter with those that need to experience the love of God. He desires to use you to share this beautiful gift with others. Everything matters to God, even those things that seem of no value or worth to you. All He asks is that you surrender to His will, His guidance, and His direction. This changes everything – for you and others that He puts you in touch with throughout your day.

Go out there! Serve God! Share His love! Be His light to those that are only filled with darkness! Be the one to share what true hope looks like. Share Jesus everywhere you go. You are a difference maker. You are a world changer. You are a son or daughter on a mission to bring God’s joy to the world.

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