So many times when we pray, it’s easy to get caught up on what we want. Now it’s not a bad thing to share our heart’s desire with God, but usually this is where our prayer life ends. Once we’ve spilled out our laundry list of all that we’re wanting and demanding God to do, then we’re ready to move on. Prayer time is over, and it’s time to move onto the next item on our agenda. We’re not taking anytime to listen, let alone just to sit still and be quiet. It’s just been a bunch of endless chatter coming out of our mouths. We can feel good about ourselves because we’ve done our duty. We checked it off the to-do list. We’ve treated God like a genie in a bottle. Surely He must be so happy that we’ve spent this time with Him! I would beg to differ with you there.

What if there was more to your prayer life than treating God like a spiritual Santa Claus? What if there was a bigger picture here in how God wants us to pray. What if there is one key that most of us lack to unlock God’s supernatural favor and blessings in our life? There is! So buckle your seatbelts and get ready to dive in deeper on this.

The one thing that we most lack when we pray is none other than praying Kingdom prayers. When we fail to focus on this, then we tend to pray weak, puny, and anemic prayers. We don’t seek out what God says in His Word about our situation. We pray as if we are constantly questioning His power and authority. We are so quick to forget that there is a whole world outside of our own needs, wants, and desires. As long as God answers us how we want, then all is well in our world.

When we pray with God’s Kingdom in mind, then we are constantly focused on how our situation can bring Him more glory. We pray for opportunities for others to come to a relationship with Him and how He can use us to be a catalyst in this endeavor. We pray with eternity in mind. Our prayers aren’t just focused on our small sphere in the world. They are large enough to touch the whole world. We allow God’s love to pour through us to touch many lives for Him. We don’t put any restrictions or boundaries on our prayers because we know nothing is impossible with God. We realize that God wants to use us to speak forth His truth over anything that we face. God wants to use us. He doesn’t have to, but He loves us enough that He allows us to be a part of the process.

So the next time you pray, take an honest look at how you are praying. Are your prayers narrow focused on your little world or are they all about something bigger? Are you desiring to see how God can use your situation to bring others to Him or are you just concerned about getting your needs met? When you pray, are you seeing things from an eternal perspective or just the here and now? God is well pleased with you when you make prayer about more than just your small part of the globe. There’s a whole world out there that needs what you have! So pray boldly! Pray with God’s power and authority! Pray audaciously! Pray in faith!

When you pray Kingdom prayers, you’re praying the heart of God. May your heart ever be turned towards His as You pray His heart, His Kingdom. May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

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