We all struggle with this, especially all of my female friends out there. There’s always this longing. A desire to get where we’re going, but not really being happy in the here and now. We look all around us and see everything that’s wrong with us and what’s not right with what we’re going through. If we could just get to the intended end, then it would be so much better for us. Then we could finally start living. If only…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve struggled with those thoughts my whole life…that is until just recently. When God did a supernatural healing in my life, then it all changed for me. He began to breathe truth into those dry and barren places in my emotions that were way off track. For once in my life, now I had healthy emotional balance just the way that God intended it to be for me.

So I want to share God’s truth with you that He shared with me so that He can use it to encourage you, heal you, and set you free. God desires you to be a whole person and not a shattered and broken one. He wants you to be complete in Him.

Truth Flash! God wants you to love yourself right now! That’s right! I said it! God wants you to love yourself right now. Just the way that you are. Not when you have all of your make-up applied just right. Not when you have a good hair day, Not when you lose more weight. Not when you finish that project. Not when you meet Mr. Right. Not when you have a baby. Not when you finish your college degree. Not when you get that job promotion. And a million other “not when” scenarios.

For so long, we’ve believed the lie that we just can’t love ourselves in the here and now, right where we’re at this very minute. It’s almost as if we’re gaining our love from outside circumstances and not from the real person inside of us. We struggle with loving ourselves because we’re the first ones to see all of the flaws and things about ourselves that we don’t like. In fact, most of us don’t truly know how to love ourselves. We’ve been taught that if we do, then we’re just being selfish, but that’s not true. God created a masterpiece in us so He wants us to love ourselves. If Jesus loved us enough to die for us, then that should inspire us to love ourselves.

Over the past year and a half, I had to learn how to love myself for who I was right then. Not for who I wanted to be in the future or for whoever did or didn’t love me. I had the ability within me to make this happen or rather let Jesus make it happen to me. When you are able to love yourself the way that God intended for you, then it will change your life and everything connected to yours. If you don’t love yourself, it makes it difficult to love others. Loving yourself isn’t about having an inflated ego. It’s about knowing that you were valuable enough to give up heaven’s best for. If God can love you that much, then you can love yourself that much too. God is our example for learning how to live loved.

So I want to challenge you to love the beautiful person that God created you to be – right now! Just do it. Don’t wait for perfect opportunities. As God pours His precious love into You then it will fill in all of those places that need some extra TLC. Loving yourself will be one of the greatest gifts you will ever give to yourself.

Love the person in the mirror! Every part, every flaw, every unique way God created you. You are priceless. You are valuable. You are a masterpiece. You are loved!

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