Do you ever find yourself wondering just what God is thinking about you? I know that I think about this quite frequently. I know what The Bible says about that, but does God really mean that for me? Does He really think that I am that important to Him? Does He really love me that much? Am I really that beautiful, beloved daughter of His? Am I really enough for Him just being Natalie? Oh how our hearts cry out to Him longing to hear His precious truths spoken deep into our spirits. We want to know that His thoughts are always towards us for His favor and blessings, but sometimes it’s just so hard to believe that.

So in the midst of all of my questions here recently, God decided to show up and let me know and experience just how much I mean to Him. I love how He always goes out of His way to let me experience Him just because He loves me that much. Not because of anything that I have done or haven’t done, but simply because He seeks me out pursuing me to know His love. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking is His love for me! Overwhelming! Unlike any other!

I was in a time of quiet reflection. I was in a group of many people, but it didn’t matter because in my eyes, it was only me and my Abba Father in that moment. The music, prayer, and intimate times of worship were just what my spirit were craving. I was in the center of heaven on earth. Just the atmosphere to be able to hear from The Lover of my soul, and that He did. This particular moment in time wrecked me especially as He began to pour into me beautiful truth about just what He thinks about me. This moment set my spirit free!

He clearly asked me a series of question. I remember this conversation just as clearly today as when He spoke it into my spirit. “Natalie, do you remember all of the complements that people give to you? The complements that people are speaking honestly over you? The ones that they truly mean because that is exactly how they feel about you? The complements that they give to you because they do love you and see something special in you?” Of this I replied that I did remember them. He allowed my mind to be flooded with all of these beautiful words spoken over me by so many special and significant people in my life. “Natalie, who do you think those beautiful words came from? I know that you heard them from special people in your life, but that isn’t exactly who they came from. Natalie, they all came from Me! Natalie, I think all of those beautiful things about you and so much more. My thoughts are always turned towards you. Natalie, I formed you and created you to be a beautiful reflection of Myself in you. I want you to know just how much I love you and how much you mean to me. So let all of My words sink into your spirit and know that you are dearly loved more than you can even fathom. You are My beloved.”

Well let me just tell you that the rest of that evening I was in awe! I was overwhelmed! Overwhelmed with His love for me, but also overwhelmed with the thought that He chose to meet me at this particular moment in time to impart words of love and affirmation into my spirit. He loved me enough to pursue me and experience His awesome love just for Natalie. What a beautiful encounter with my Abba Father!

I want you to know the same thing too! All of those blessings, words of affirmation, and complements that are spoken over you aren’t just from the person imparting them, but they are from your Abba Father! He loves you just as much as He loves me, and He wants you to know it, too! He will go to whatever great lengths He has to go-to to let you know His great love for you! He is pursuing you and hunting you down. He wants to know you, His beloved. His most prized and beautiful masterpiece. Just let that sink in! You are priceless!

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