When I started my blog, I began to pray for inspiration on what I needed to write. God has taken me seriously on that request. He keeps allowing all kinds of interesting things to happen to me. Then He prompts me that I need to write about them. So here is another one of those “things” that happened to me that I just can’t get away from.

One night here recently, I was leaving from a part of Knoxville that was unfamiliar to me. I had no idea where I was going, but my phone GPS did. The part that made it worse was the fact that it was dark and difficult to see, but I figured that I would be fine because as you know, the phone GPS never steers you wrong! I was doing well traveling this new path, that is until I didn’t take the road that Ms. Phone GPS suggested. I failed to take the “right” road so she decided to reroute me. She rerouted me to the next red light intersection. Being that I was unfamiliar with this road caused just a slight problem. You see, I didn’t realize that I was turning onto a 4 lane highway! All I could tell was that I was turning onto a 2 lane highway so that put me in a rather interesting dilemma. I was going the wrong way on this highway! It was okay at first because I thought I was traveling the way that I was supposed to until I started noticing a vehicle coming head on towards me. Then I had a moment of sheer panic. After the moment of panic, I was so embarrassed. I began to wonder how in the world this had happened to me. By the absolute grace of God, He gave me split second supernatural wisdom on how to get out of this predicament. I was able to somehow turn around and head back in the correct direction all the while as people at the red light were watching me. All I can say is that I was so glad that it was dark, and no one knew who I was…or so I think, but it doesn’t really matter because now you know!

After having a few moments to recover from what had just happened, God began to pour truth into me. Once again, He thought that this would be a great time for a life lesson. Somehow these “life lessons” keep showing up from crazy things that seem to only happen to Natalie. Once again, God’s sense of humor with me! I am loved!

There are numerous times in our life that we turn onto a path that we think is the right direction. Everything appears to be good. We’re traveling along all good and well until God brings us to a sudden stop and begins to show us that we’re headed in the wrong direction. At this point we have a couple of decisions to make. We can just stop and do nothing, we can keep traveling in the wrong direction, or we can make a sudden shift and begin to travel in the correct direction. It’s all our choice. God is a gentleman and doesn’t force a decision on us. He leaves that up to us. Sometimes we make the wise choice, and other times we don’t. Most times it’s easier to just do nothing or keep traveling the same road. It takes a little bit more maneuvering to change directions, but easier in this case is not the best. Making the wise choice isn’t the easiest thing to face in the beginning, but it is well worth it in the end. There is great fruit that comes from following God in obedience. Usually that fruit comes much later from the time that we sow.

So we have a choice to make every time God brings us to a sudden stop of His truth. How are we going to be obedient to Him in this situation? It does take a moment of thought and not just a sudden action of what your flesh wants to do. Listen, respond, and obey.

P.S. Who is ready to ride with me now? Have I scared you? I’m not that bad…or at least I don’t think I am.

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