I have learned to ask God to speak to me however He chooses each and everyday. Sometimes He has a sense of humor in how He chooses to speak to me. He has a way of speaking to me through the most unique and unusual ways. I just experienced this. When I think back on this, I can’t help but laugh about the method and means He used to communicate to me. Of course, I think that makes the pill much easier to swallow. So get ready to be humored much like I was.

When I was fixing my hair the other day, I began to get really frustrated for the five hundredth time. You see, I have this one spot in my bangs that just doesn’t want to cooperate no matter what I do. After weeks and weeks of frustration, I decided to talk to God about this. You must understand that I’ve learned to talk to Him about anything that bothers me. I’m His daughter, and nothing is too small or insignificant to talk to Him about. Thus my conversation with God about my hair. I just told Him that this hair disaster just wasn’t cutting it. I needed Him to give me some wisdom on how to resolve this problem. I know you are wondering how this is a problem, but I’m a woman, so this is a problem! So I left it at that.

The next day, the pursuit of “Operation Bangs” ensued. Well, guess what? He showed me exactly what I needed to do to take care of this woman first-world problem. It worked! So needless to say, I was more than thrilled, but the next part not so much. He did at least let me enjoy the moment. It was brief, but still a good moment. Then this is where it gets a little raw and real. Somehow I always know that there is going to be a lesson in the mix, and that He did!

He reminded me of myself in this life lesson. How do you get a life lesson out of this? I don’t know how that happens, but it does! He reminded me that He was like the part of my hair that just didn’t want to fix. I was the person fighting against the hair that in my eyes didn’t want to cooperate. You see, everyday I would try to fight against my hair to make it do something that it just didn’t want to do. When I gave up and decided to work with it, then that’s when it ended up fixing the way that I really wanted it to.

He drew my attention back to me, which is the raw and real part that is painful and hurts to think about and process. He proceeded to ask me how many times in my life that I have been stubborn and tried to fight against what He was doing in my life. The more I tried to fight against it, the worse it got in my internal spiritual struggle. I thought I knew what was best for me and not God. I wanted what I wanted, and nothing else mattered. Then there came a point of surrender when I had to make a decision of what seemed like giving up in my eyes and letting God do with me exactly what He wanted to do or going with what I wanted. Sometimes I’ve passed that test, and other times I haven’t. Sometimes I’ve surrendered, but not without fighting with Him for 500 times. Then there have been times that I have surrendered in the beginning knowing that God was at work in my life no matter how it appeared.

Ouch! That is what I said after God speaking that hard truth to me. I knew that He was right about all of this. It has now made me more aware of making surrender a part of my daily journey. Surrender isn’t a one time event. It happens every morning the moment I wake up. Will I surrender to God’s call on my life that day? Every decision and every choice matter to Him.

So be prepared when you ask God to speak truth to you everyday. He has the awesome way of showing up in some of the strangest places and ways. He’s speaking! Just listen. Then respond and obey – and don’t fight with Him 500 times! I heard someone say one time!

Natalie ❤️

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